Lesson 4: Final Destination


Clean Water Reflections

Lesson 4 Vocabulary
Partner School
Schools around the world in need of a water, sanitation and hygiene education intervention
The customs and traditions of a particular nation, people or social group

Wow! You have been on quite a journey. You have traveled from Lake Itasca in Minnesota, along more than 2,000 miles down the Mississippi River, through the Gulf of Mexico and then around the world!

You have learned about the importance of clean water for drinking and sanitation. You have seen the many ways that water can become polluted and unsafe for drinking. You have discovered how both local and global communities are being affected by the water crisis. And you have even investigated ways that you can help at home and abroad.

Take some time together with your class to discuss all that you have learned. You may want to discuss:


Select a Partner School

Now is your chance to take action and make a difference! In Lesson Two we talked about ways that you can be an advocate in the water crisis. In Lesson Three you heard the stories of communities that struggle with a lack of clean water and even read about other young people who are already working as advocates. Now it is time for you to join the work! Using what you have learned, you and your class will select a partner school that has been gravely affected by the water crisis.

You can view the list of partner schools here: h2oforlifeschools.org/projects

Your class may select a partner school from a region you learned about in Lesson Three or select another from the website.

Once your class has selected a partner school, you can work in teams or small groups to research additional information about the region and culture. You will be raising funds as a class for this partner school, so it is important to learn as much as you can about the region to help you promote your event and encourage others to contribute to your cause.

Research Your Partner School’s Region and Culture

Collect information about the region and culture of your partner school in your Lesson Four Worksheet.


Complete your Lesson Four Travel Journal

Open your Water Guardians Travel Journal and complete the Lesson Four entry.

Up Next: Making an Impact

Time to take action! You and your classmates will celebrate your leadership skills as you work together to design and create a project that will raise funds for your chosen partner school. After the project has been completed, you will have the chance to reflect on outcomes and how you can continue your journey as a Water Guardian.