Lesson 5: Making an Impact


Using your skills for success

Lesson 5 Vocabulary
Taking financial risks to start a business, sell a product or make a profit
Action Plan
A tool for organizing people, resources and steps for finishing a project
Put a plan into motion, take action
Actions taken to improve a situation

It is time to TAKE ACTION! You and your class have selected a global partner school in need of a WASH intervention and are going to raise funds to implement the project. In order to host a successful event, you will need an action plan and everyone will need to contribute their skills and talents.

How can YOU help and be a leader for your team?

When we think about group assignments or class projects, we often think of having one leader for the group. However, every member of the team may need to step up at different times and use their leadership skills for the overall success of the project. Before you begin the planning process, take time to identify your strengths and the ways you can use them to help your class.

Leadership Skills

Collaboration Working with others

Problem-solving Finding solutions to difficult problems

Communication Sharing information for others to understand

Project-planning Determining the steps, materials and people needed for a project

Goal-setting Deciding what you want to accomplish and making a plan to achieve results

Critical Thinking Evaluating a situation carefully to make a decision

List Your Leadership Skills

In your Lesson Five Worksheet, list your leadership skills and how they can be used for the project.

Creating an Action Plan

Now that you have reflected on your own skills and talents, it is time to work with your class to create your plan for action.

Follow the Steps to Create an Action Plan

Follow the steps outlined in your Lesson Five Worksheet to select, plan and implement your event.


Congratulations! You have hosted a successful event that raised money for your partner school and raised awareness about local water needs. You should be very proud of the work you have done as an individual and together as a class.

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Complete Your Lesson Five Travel Journal

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