The Water Guardians program will take you on a journey down the Mississippi River and around the world as you learn about the global water crisis. You will discover ways to become a water advocate and see how your daily local actions can have a wide and far-reaching impact.

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Lesson 1

Clean Water

Your journey will begin with learning the basic concepts of water resources and access to clean water while exploring the headwaters of the great Mississippi River.

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Lesson 2

On the River

As you travel down the Mississippi River, you will learn about the communities that depend on this water. Sources of pollution will be investigated as well as pathways to advocate for positive change.

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Lesson 3

From the Gulf to the World

As the river journey arrives at the Gulf of Mexico, you will discover the global effects of local choices. Here is where you will learn about the global water crisis and read stories about students from around the world who are affected.

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Lesson 4

Final Destination

You will now be challenged and encouraged to think about what you can do to create positive change. Your class has the opportunity to choose a partner school in another part of the world and dig deeper to learn more about their region and culture.

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Lesson 5

Making an Impact

Time to take action! You and your classmates will celebrate your leadership skills as you work together to design and create a project that will raise funds for your chosen partner school. After the project has been completed, you will have the chance to reflect on outcomes and how you can continue your journey as a Water Guardian.

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